SHTS conducts a case study on real life kitchen scenarios!

D.Y. Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organised an extensive kitchen management case study session  for  first year culinary students on 26 March 2019 in theory classroom. The case study session was organised my chef Nikhil Kedar, Asst professor at DYPSHTS. The session began with a brief introduction to case studies and the importance of case study as part of the curriculum for the students.The session was attended by TY. B.Sc. students of Culinary Studies. Students were handled kitchen management case study scenario handouts a day prior to the case study session.


They were asked to come up with the suitable and effective solution for the given scenario. This gave students ample of time to think for a solution for the scenario and to come up with an effective solution. During the case study session students presented solutions to the problems and discuss various possible answer to the situation. Chef Nikhil Kedar also shared these real-life kitchen scenarios that he faced during this career as a chef in the hospitality industry and share how various chef have solved various kitchen scenarios in efficient manner. Chef Nikhil Kedar organised this case study session on behalf of the college.


Overall the session was very fruitful and interactive. Students requested to conducted regular session like this as it helped them to sharpen their decision making abilities and work more efficiently in high pressure kitchen environment.