SHTS conducts Case Study on Accidents in Serving Food

D Y Patil University School of Hospitality and Tourism studies, Navi Mumbai organised a Food Production case study session forFirst year students on 06th  March 2019 about Accidently Serving Non – Vegetarian Food to Vegetarian Customer. The case study session was organized by Assistant Professor Vijay Sawant at School of hospitality and tourism studies.The students were given the Food Production case study scenario handouts a week prior to the case study session and were asked to come up with a suitable and effective solution for the given scenario.Scenario was given to students where vegetarian guest is dinning in restaurant but wrong order was placed by server and Non vegetarian food was served to the guest.

IMG_20190306_132521 (1)

This was followed by an extensive discussion on common mistakes made by F&B Captain while taking orders and while making orders respectively.Guest was upset after he was served non vegetarian food and in order to rectify this kind of mistakes different ideas and solutions were shared by the students. Different strategies were discussed on combating the situation. Strategies were discussed in order to maintain best service, customer satisfaction and excellent product. All the students  actively discussed scenario and came up with solutions on issues like immediate action taken,Precaution while handling affected guest, Post scenario action taken on staff involved,Precaution for future operational challenges,Guest compensation,Tracking of guest orders in kitchen,SOP’s while taking food orders,Polite and humble attitude, how to Avoid Communication barriers in operation.