SHTS conducts Case Study on Nutritional Deficiency!

D Y Patil University School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies organised a case study session on Nutritional Deficiency. The session was conducted for the First year Hospitality students on 1st April 2019.  The case study session was organised by Mrs. Poonam Bajaj, Assistant Professor for nutrition science. The details of the case study was provided to the students one day prior for understanding and analysis of the symptoms. On the day of the presentation they were asked to report the specific micronutrient deficiency. The case study included couple of case presentations of patients who suffered from nutrient deficiencies or toxicities of Vit D and Vit B3 respectively. On the day of presentation, the symptoms were read again, explained to the students and the toxicity symptoms were discussed in detail followed by a question answer round.


The students could distinguish between various symptoms, analyse them and diagnose the vitamin deficiency for respective cases.The question answer round helped them understand how the differential diagnosis was done and how diseases with similar symptoms could be identified due to presence of one characteristic symptom. The case study activity is meant to prompt students to reflect and think critically about their associations with, and claims about, vitamins. With this mode of study it becomes easy for the student to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge as well as they are more educated about the vitamins overall. Case studies help them associate and apply the classroom teaching with the case presented and come to a proper diagnosis by analyzing the symptoms.