SHTS conducts Case Study on The Park Hotel !

IMG_20190226_112420D Y Patil University School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies organised a case study session on The Park Hotel and its market position. The session was conducted for our MSc Tourism Students on 26th February 2019.  All the MSc students participated in the case study. The case study session was organised by Mrs. Bhakti Naik, Assistant Professor.


The Case study details were given to students 1 week prior for understanding and creating the discussion platform on presentation day.  The case study was about how The Park Hotel change its brand image from Boutique Hotel to Young Hotel. All the strategies adopted by Hotels were discussed in class.The Park Hotel also gives importance to sustainable tourism and Ecotourism. Being Tourism students it necessary for them to understand about various Hotels and their structure. The same was accomplished through the case study.