SHTS Conducts Case Study onEffects of Overbooking of Rooms in a Hotel

DYPU- SHTS organized a Front Office Case study session for F.Y BSc. Students on 26th Feb 2019 in the Front Office lab. The case study session was organized by Assistant Professor Aarti Pandirkar at SHTS.The students were given the Front Office case study scenario handouts a week prior to the case study session and were asked to come up with a suitable and effective solution for the given scenario.


The case study was read and explained to the students followed by a brief question answer round with emphasis on the effects of Overbooking and how it can risk the reputation of any Hotel. Asst. Prof Aarti also shared a few of her experiences from her stint at the hospitality industry.Overbooking has its advantages and disadvantages. In a tryst to secure revenue for rooms there is a risk of possible negative guest experience. By offering apt solutions and handling the situation of overbooking smoothly a Duty manager portrays the professionalism that has been imparted to him.

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