SHTS organises Industrial Visit to Meluha, The Fern

Meluha the Fern, an Ecotel Hotel by Concept Hospitality is a 5 star environmentally responsible hotel with 37 awards to its credit. It’s the World’s only hotel to have an ECOTEL certification and a LEED Gold Rating. Located in the heart of Hiranandani Gardens at Powai,this hotel with 141 rooms and suites was named in honour of the Legendary Indus Valley Civilisation.


It was therefore our delight when the Environment Manager at “Meluha The Fern”,Ms.Aldrina graciously agreed for our students to have a peek into what makes “Meluha – An Ecotel Hotel”. Around 30 final year  students of the D Y Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies along with their faculties visited the Hotel today for enhancing and enriching our knowledge about Ecotels. Mrs. PallaviChaudhari, Vice Principal of the college and Mr. MilindKilpadi, Head, Deapartment of Housekeeping organised this visit on behalf of the college.

Being an Ecotel Certified Hotel, The Meluha has many initiative’s and programs which they run to ensure that they are an eco-friendly hotel. The Hotel follows a passive solar architecture ,which protects against heat and allows a lot of natural light. They use double glazed windows which keeps the heat and exterior sound out of the hotel. Insulated roofs keep heat out and reduce energy consumed for air conditioning. Their Air Conditioning Systems are linked to STL Tanks (Stored Thermal Latent),which store excess cooling generated, this then takes care of cooling of the hotel during off peak hours. In centrally cooled buildings hot water is a by-product of the generators used to cool the air. So through a novel process the heat generated by the air conditioning is captured & used to heat all their hot water needs.


In the rooms they have The Green Button, which is a guest interactive initiative which is unique to the Fern. The Green Button is a special feature on the bedside control panel, single push of the button gives you the ability to make an immediate and immense contribution to the environment by reducing power consumption. At the time of Check out the Guest is given a certificate for their contribution.

Their Waste Management policy also follows the REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE mantra. They have a FOUR Bin Segregation system. Green Bin for Recyclable waste, Red Bin for non-recyclable waste ,White Bin for Dry Garbage, Black Bin for Wet Garbage. Also they constantly educate & engage their staff to reduce wastage, which has brought down their staff cafeteria food wastage from 16kg per day to 5 kg per day. Once a week they also practise a “NO BIN “ day in the Staff Café where food wastage is ZERO since you don’t have a bin to throw your food away.


In order to constantly monitor these  green initiatives , the hotel has a GREEN TEAM. The Green Team is a special group of people ,all volunteers from the staff body. The Green Team is the driving force of their environment initiatives.