SHTS organises virtual session with Chef Balchander!

D.Y.Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies organised a virtual class room session with Culinary Director Chef Balaji Balchander of Salt Group of Restaurants, Bangalore. The main purpose of the virtual class was to understand the presence of Indian cuisine in global market. Chef Balaji started his conversation with students by introducing himself to the students and his restaurant group. He also gave a brief on his 24 year career as an Indian chef in Indian and abroad. He discussed the impact of Indian cuisine overseas and how Indian cuisine have blended with local cuisine and has become a nation favorite of many European countries. He also shared his experience working with Michelin star Chef Atul Kocher (first Indian Michelin star chef of UK) in his restaurant Benares and Carom in London. He also shared his views on Indian cuisine and misconceptions related to it .He encouraged students to take on Indian cuisine as a major subject and take Indian cuisine as their career option.


Students also interacted with him and asked for guidance to choose appropriate Indian regional cuisine as a career option. He also advised students to develop attributes like punctuality, discipline, dedication etc. and also to avoid distractions and focus on studies, and set goals for themselves. The virtual classroom session was organised by Chef Naeem Pathan on behalf of School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies.