SHTS organizes a Virtual Session with famous Chef Gurmeet Singh!

VIR 14D.Y. Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organized an extensive kitchen management virtual session for 1st, 2nd, 3 rd year culinary students on 2 April 2019 in theory classroom. The virtual study session was organized my chef Vrundan Raut ,Asst professor at DYPSHTS and conducted by Chef Gurmeet Singh. Chef Gurmeet Singh shared real-life kitchen scenarios that he faced during this career as a chef in the hospitality industry and shared how various chef have solved various kitchen scenarios in efficient ways.


He also spoke at length about the emergent trends in Hospitality kitchens and asserted on the role of automation in the industry. He pointed out the need for chefs to be trained with all the new technology and equipment in order to remain abreast with the industry.  Chef Vrundan Raut organized this session on behalf of the college.  Overall the session was very fruitful and interactive.


VIR 11