SHTS organizes Self Defense Workshop !

We, at the D Y Patil University,School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies regularly arrange various Gender workshops for our students so that the students are aware about gender parity & gender equality.In this same regard we had organized a Self Defense Workshop for all our female students so that they could learn the basics of Self Defense in order to protect themselves if a hostile situation arises.The session was conducted by VIRKAR MARTIAL ART’S CENTRE. This center was founded by Mr. Shirish Virkar (7th Dan Black Belt) in 1986.This center has got the affiliation from the Okinawa GojuRyu (Japnese Art). Mr Shirish Virkar has undergone the Training and skill development in Malaysia , also got the Goju training in Okinawa Tokyo for advance Weapons Training.Up till now 442 students have completed their Black Belt Training from VMAC.


A total of 100 female students  participated in this workshop which was  held on 7th February at the D Y Patil Stadium Football Ground. A team of Specialized Teachers from VMAC conducted the Self Defense Workshop for our students. Students were taught smart & easy techniques to block an attack, release oneself from an unwanted grip, defend another person being attacked, take down an opponent,etc. At the end of the session the students were able to perform these techniques on their own. The students enjoyed practical based learning of all the self-defense tricks and thanked the management for organizing such a workshop.

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