SHTS Organizes Workshop with Mr. Ganesh Nakawaa

D.Y.Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies organized a workshop with Director of fisheries Mr.Ganesh Nakawaa of Karanja Fisheries cooperative society, Navi-mumbai. The main purpose of the workshop was to understand the presence and importance of the sustainability of seafood industries in the global market. Mr. Ganesh started his conversation with students by introducing himself to the students and his fishing group. Around 40 Students of Hospitality and Diploma were a part of this session. He also gave a brief on his 9-year career as Fishermen in India. He discussed the impact of fishing overseas. He also shared his views on Fishing and misconceptions related to it. Mr. Nakawaa also shared a brief about various varieties of fishes in the Indian as well as the global market that has profound importance in hospitality and service business. The students got an insight into the substitute for prom fret and Basa which is commonly used in kitchens across various upscale restaurants.

Students also interacted with him and asked for guidance to choose proper fish from the market. He also advised students to develop their own innovative recipes by using local fishes except for using prom fret and Basa. The workshop session was organized by Chef Omkar Vaity on 12 March 2019 behalf of School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies.