SHTS students attend premiere of ‘Daughters of the Polo God’

A trip to Bombay Stock Exchange was organised for the students of First Year, B.Sc Hospitality to attend the premiere of ,”Daughters of the Polo God”,an  award winning documentary movie by the acclaimed young director Roopa Barua. Five students along with a faculty conducted the visit for this well documented short film that highlights the unexplored treasures of the North-East, and brings a century old sport into the world arena. It was screened at the prestigious auditorium of the Bombay Stock Exchange on 25th March 2019 .


The simplicity,soothing background music, splendid cinematography, sound story,screenplay and message were the USP of the movie.Apart from becoming  aware of the tourism potential of the region ,the first year students got a very strong message about the grit and tenacity of women in any role they play, whether a player or a  mother.The visit also exposed the students to a different atmosphere of art and culture through the post screening discussion on related issues by New-York based Film Curator and Scion of the Royal Family of Manipur, Mr.Somi Roy.

pic 2

The entry into the heavy security BSE building on Dalal Street was itself an experience, not to speak of the high tea being the cherry on the top that the students will cherish for a long time top that the students will cherish for a long time.