Sula Vineyards Field Trip

According to the popular bartending blog at Goldstar Bartending, the bar tending service industry students of hotel management must be all knowledgeable in different aspects of serving wine. It is a must because professional wine services demand great skill. As a matter of fact, we make sure that all the students of School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies , D. Y. Patil University knows about the wines he would be selling in future, how each wine tastes and which specific wine flavor complement certain foods, the more attractive it is to the guests and therefore much easier to sell.
For example, guests who want to have a bottle of wine together with their dish but can’t decide which wine tastes best, or are just simply afraid to decide, will be definitely pleased if a friendly and knowledgeable server can help her by giving an appropriate suggestion. It could really make a big difference if you as a Hotel Management graduate have all knowledge in the wines you sell as well as you know how to recommend wines to the guests who come to your bar , restaurant and hotel.
Every high end bar, restaurant and hotel wants to have reliable students of hotel management like of School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies , D. Y. Patil University who know how to complement wines with specific foods and also how to perform flairs while serving the guests.
This is the very reason we at the School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies make sure that our students are very well versed with all the wines , their tastes and what to recommend to the guests . In order to make our students confident in this skill we make sure that we teach our students right from the basics :
Grapes that are used , how vineyards grow grapes , what is the process of making wines , bottling, storing , labeling , selling etc.
SHTS does not believe in only teaching through books we actually take our students to Vineyards as an Industrial Visit trip each year in the month of February to Sula Vineyards Nasik for this practical teaching.
To add to this we also organize Wine tasting session courtesy Sula Vineyards , their team comes to our college and personally teach our students through a well planned and organized session of wine serving, holding a glass, tasting wine etc. With a whiff of wine in the air a Workshop is conducted by Sommelier Sovna Puri from SULA WINES.It is a nice session where students actually learn the art of tasting wines with their 3 senses.
Sovna’s first step into the Wine Industry began with an Internship in France in a Michelin starred,Relais & Chateaux property.She then moved to London and worked with Benares – an Indian Michelin Restaurant,and pursued advance course in wine education from the WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust).After joing Sula she completed her “Teachers Training” from WSET,London.

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