SULA Wine tasting sessions

D.Y.Patil University School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies organized a week long Food & Beverage extravaganza by conducting wine tasting sessions for all the second year students of the college. These sessions were conducted in collaboration with the renowned Sula Wines-one of the most popular brands of wine from India. The sessions took place in the college premises in the last week of July 2018.


These sessions were conducted in order to inculcate practical knowledge of wines among the students. They were briefed about the methods of procuring and creating wine, the process of tasting, various flavors, serving specifications and pairing with different types of food. The college organized this workshop specifically for the second year students as it’s a part of their curriculum. Nathan Jacques, Assistant Professor, Department of Food & Beverage organized the sessions on behalf of the college.

The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed these sessions to the hilt. They found the sessions unique, creative and immensely knowledgeable. They were intrigued by the tasting sessions and revered the different flavors which made their palate familiar with the different types of wines. Once they understood the flavor, it became easy for them to understand and gauge the different food items that could be paired with a particular type of wine.


The students studied different varieties of grapes(Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling ,Zinfandel) and were briefed about the process of growing , harvesting, crushing these grapes and their constitution for making different types of wines.  After understanding the process of making wines, they were taught the different methods of wine storage , how to conduct a quality check and how to upsell a particular wine to the guest. Besides imparting wine fundamentals to all the students, the wine tasting sessions also incorporated service of wine- the correct temperature, style and method of serving wine to a guest. The sessions also incorporated information regarding wine cutlery and educated the students regarding the same.

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