VIRTUAL CLASSES, BY Ms Chetna Ahluwalia

  1. On the 27th July 2016, Ms Chetna Ahluwalia, Learning and Development Head, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai conducted a session in the Virtual Classroom on the topic “Expectations of the Hotel Industry from the Hotel Management Students, aspiring to join the industry” with the Third and Second Year Students (Semester – III and V). In this session Ms. Chetna talked about Simple, yet Cogent, principles of Delivering Quality Service. She emphasised on time tasted principles, such as Courtesy, Politeness, Grooming (in terms of Professional Appearance) etc., to be followed in simple way, and for this she proscribed some habits of the students, which they don’t know, but which have become their second nature and due to that they find themselves difficult to adjust with the requirements of the industry. Hence, if they (the students) wish to prosper and make career in the hospitality industry, they need to not only understand the requirements of the industry, but also get themselves acquainted of the expectations of the industry from them.

  2. On the 14th August 2016, Professor Sagar Naik conducted a session with the students of the Third Year on the Topic “Food Media” in the Virtual Class. Professor Naik put across the students some scenario of the Food Journalism and asked them to come up with some novel ideas for writing or displaying or even showcasing foods before those interested public. He dealt in detail, yet briefly in terms of time constraint, the Upcoming New Field of Food Media, which is in a very nascent stage in India, but in which a huge potential exists for innovation and creativity. With the emergence of Celebrity Chefs all across the world over and India is also not untouched from this phenomenon, the emergence of Food Media has given the food habits as well as the outlook towards different food items a new dimension and there has been a complete paradigm shift towards leading a healthy life. Health consciousness is now a new dharma and mantra of all the people, especially the rich. Obviously Food Media fills the gap created by the demand of information on not only healthy diet, but also healthy living as a whole life pattern.

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