Webinar on Housekeeping Operations Post COVID-19

Housekeeping Operations Post COVID-19

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Hospitality &Tourism Studies organized an exclusive webinar on Housekeeping Operations Post COVID-19 on 29th July 2020. This workshop was attended by second and third year students of B.Sc Hospitality. The workshop was conducted by Mr Avadhesh Kushwah, Executive Housekeeping – Radisson Blu.

The webinar started with brief introduction of the guest. Thereafter guest took over the webinar. First of all guest asked the students not to panic about COVID-19. The industry will resume soon, there are many hotels who are still operational and taking utmost care of guests as well as its staff. He told the students during lockdown was announced the hotel was closed for the guests. However, before the hotel opened for the guests, what all important steps have been taken to make hotel safe and free from virus. Hotel also abided the regulations laid by the government. The new equipment bought by the hotel for sanitization. All the staff was well trained to handle the situations. SOPs were made while cleaning the guest rooms, few services have been amended looking at the safety of the staff and guest like changing of the linen in the rooms are not done daily. There are required number of staff in every shift.

The employees work for 15 days stays in hotel during these periods. Daily temperature checks of the staff is taken. In case of any employee showing any symptoms of infections that person is isolated in the hotel and proper care is taken so it should not spread out. The guest room attendant wears the pop kit because of this the moment of their becomes restricted so the duration of clean a room has been increased so the hotel has new productive parameters for the employees.

Mr AvadheshKushwah said the scenario of the housekeeping in all the hotels will be different as it was before this pandemic. The guest will more focus on the hotel’s hygiene followed by comfort and other services. That will make the housekeeping’s role more important and crucial for the hotels.

The webinar was organized by Asst. Prof. Rekha Ramu from the Housekeeping Department of the college took up the initiative of bridging the gap between the industry and the academia by bringing stalwarts of the profession into the college. The honorary speaker for the event Mr AvadheshKushwah, shared his  vast industry experience and finesse with the assembled audience who were completely intrigued by her acumen and verbal skills. Each and every participant thoroughly enjoyed the session, asked a lot of questions to the guest and was satisfied by the answers they received in return. The participants benefitted immensely from witnessing such a knowledge gaining interaction and learnt a lot about role of housekeeping post COVID-19.