Webinar on Sustainability in Hospitality

Sustainability in Hospitality

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Hospitality &Tourism Studies organized an exclusive webinar on Sustainability in Hospitality on 2nd May 2020. This webinar was attended by second and third year students of B.Sc. Hospitality. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Rahul Shrivastav, Executive Director of Dining Indiana University Bloomington, USA.

The speaker started the session informing the students sustainability. He told sustainability is important as it involve people, planet and profit. It effects all the three aspects and in long run sustainability is what make the business run. Though sustainability requires big investment however the same cost can be covered in short period of time. The staff should be trained to practice the sustainability programme, the success completely depends on staff. Ultimately the business main motto is profit, the sustainability makes the organization profitable. The guest explained how these three aspects are interlinked and how the sustainability can be achieved only there is involvement of the people, planet and profit.

The guest said sustainability starts from hotel design. There are many hotels which have old building are also redesigning the infrastructure so hotel can conserve energy. The guest introduced the efficient equipment used in hotel to conserve the energy. He said energy is huge expense to the hotel and it has big impact on the environment pollution.

He said the biggest source of energy ie solar energy can reduce the cost of the hotel expense also it is environment friendly. These equipment cost is high so initial expenses discourage few small hotels but they don’t understand the energy cost is reduced by 50% hence it makes the organization profitable.

The guest informed the students about LEED who certifies buildings that are built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health. This certification also helps the hotels to build positive brand image to the society. He also discussed about sustainability in guest services, food and beverage and in meeting and conferences

The webinar was organized by Asst. Prof. Rekha Ramu took up the initiative of bridging the gap between the industry and the academia by bringing stalwarts of the profession into the college. The honorary speaker for the event Mr. Rahul Shrivastav, shared his vast industry experience and finesse with the assembled audience who were completely intrigued by her acumen and verbal skills. Each and every participant thoroughly enjoyed the session, asked a lot of questions to the guest and was satisfied by the answers they received in return. The participants benefitted immensely from witnessing such a knowledge gaining interaction and learnt a lot about sustainability in hospitality.