Webinar on The Importance of Interior Designing in Hotels

The Importance of Interior Designing in Hotels

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Hospitality &Tourism Studies organized an exclusive webinar on The Importance of Interior Designing in Hotels on 30th April 2020. This webinar was attended by second and third year students of B.Sc. Hospitality. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Rishi Raj Khare, Principal Interior Designer-Inspire Design.

The webinar was started with the introduction of Mr. Khare. Further, the guest proceeded the session explaining the importance of light in interior design. Mr. Khare explained the students in detail starting from sources of light, natural light, and artificial light, etc. and the difference between these sources and their effects. Mr. Khare explained this with the help of various examples. Then Mr. Khare emphasized his focus on artificial light as most of the hotels use artificial light more intensively. Very vital information was given by Mr. Khare on artificial light, its types, and usage. He mentioned the basic parts of artificial light like ‘ambiance light’ which is used to illuminate the whole area. Mr. Khare said that it is the primary lighting source. Then he explained the second type which is ‘task light’, which is very effective to focus on a certain task. He mentioned like Pendants, Swing arm lamps, under cabinet, vanity is certain examples of task lighting. The third type of artificial light is ‘accent light’, which is used to highlight certain things or areas like wall-mounted paintings. Further to this, he explained about another feature of light call ‘safety light’.

After explaining the basic use of artificial lighting Mr. Khare also explained a very interesting part of artificial lighting is measurements of color temperature, according to temperature how the tone of light changes. In another word, it is called illuminations according to a temperature which measures Kelvin. Mr. Khare nicely explained this with the help of a chart, as at how many kelvin temperatures the color of light changes and which color light is perfect for the different types of function of light i.e. ambient light, task light, and accent light. The session was very interesting and students enjoyed the session thoroughly because of the kind of knowledge they perused from Mr. Khare.

The webinar was organized by Asst. Prof. Rekha Ramu took up the initiative of bridging the gap between the industry and the academia by bringing stalwarts of the profession into the college. The honorary speaker for the event Chef Vivek Mr Rishi Raj Khare, shared his vast industry experience and finesse with the assembled audience who were completely intrigued by her acumen and verbal skills. Each and every participant thoroughly enjoyed the session, asked a lot of questions to the guest and was satisfied by the answers they received in return. The participants benefitted immensely from witnessing such a knowledge gaining interaction and learnt a lot about interior designing in hotels.