Webinar on Understanding of Principles and Elements of Design

Understanding of Principles and Elements of Design

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Hospitality &Tourism Studies organized an exclusive webinar on Understanding of Principles and Elements of Design on 17th September 2020. This webinar was attended by third students of B. Sc Hospitality. The webinar was conducted by internationally certified interior designer Ms. Beena Ramaiya. Principal Interior Designer Consultant owns firm Art N Interior, Mumbai.

Ms. Beena Ramaiya with hands on experience in working with various hotels and hospitals commenced the course with brief description about her past and current projects. She was happy to conduct this course said the students are future hoteliers and if they know the importance of the designing and interior designing it will be easy for the interior designers to present with best work for them. She said interior designing plays important role in “First impression is the last impression”, the same time comfort of the guests should not be overlooked. The functions of the area should be first priority it cannot be comprised with looks of the place.

The guest started with topic “Principle and Elements of Design”, she explained the elements like line, form, colour, texture, pattern, lights and space. Since our students are new to the subjects, guest took utmost care in explaining the elements she mainly used photographs of hotels to explain the elements. It was very interactive session where students were asking questions to the guest and prompt answers increased the enthusiasm of the both students and guest can be seen.

The guest also explained the principles of using the elements in designing. She said all these principles and elements are used in all the designing whether it is interior designing or fashion designing or flower designing. She also explained the two major kinds of design – structural and decorative design. How the units of design are used in interior designing. The guest then showed the latest trend of planning in hotels nationally and internationally claimed hotels were given as an example and how it improved the satisfaction of the guests.

At last to guest gave case study to students to know whether they understood the topic very well or not. There were 5 groups with 6 students in each, they discussed the case study in their group later presented the case study. The guest was very happy to see the participation of the students and their keen interest in solving the case study.

The webinar was organized by Asst. Prof. Rekha Ramu from the Housekeeping Department of the college took up the initiative of bridging the gap between the industry and the academia by bringing stalwarts of the profession into the college. The honorary speaker for the event was Ms. Beena Ramaiya, Principal Interior Designer Consultant, shared her vast industry experience and finesse with the assembled audience who were completely intrigued by her acumen and verbal skills. Each and every participant thoroughly enjoyed the session, asked a lot of questions to the guest and was satisfied by the answers they received in return. The participants benefitted immensely from witnessing such a knowledge gaining interaction and learnt a lot about interior designing of hotels