The Housekeeping department of D Y Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies had organized a Workshop on 20 March 2018 at the college premises for the students from Saraswati Vidyalaya Panvel on the various methods of converting waste into useful articles which can also be sold as a source of remuneration. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Neha Ghadol who has successfully completed her fashion designing from Sofhia’s College and is passionate on recycling almost everything which no one can think of.


In today’s world recycling has a very important place. Hence utilizing the best from unwanted things has become a generic necessity of every human’s life. These craft from waste activities can be incorporated into every kid’s childhood to make for a greener and a brighter future.


The students tried their hands on converting the old CD’s into decorative coasters and making piggy banks out of left over watch cases. Each coaster that they made turned out to be a unique and special one. They were also taught the innovative techniques of painting using various textures and different patterns.


The students were shown few more demonstrations to make pots from glass bottles using cement and decorate them with fabric paints. Creativity had no limits and children were excited to take home with them the coasters created out of there little innovations. The students were entrolled by the session and participated in all the activities with vigor. Mrs. Vandana Mishra Chaturvedi, Director SHTS thanked the resource person Ms. Neha Ghatol for enlightening the students and teaching them innovative techniques of recycling.