IMG-20190206-WA0015Housekeeping is an integral part and serves as a backbone for any industry, be it hospitality, facility or hospitals. Cleaning is associated with extensive use of heavy duty commercial machinery handling which requires proper training and control. With a view to familiarise the students, the Accommodation Department of the D.Y.Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies organised a workshop to educate the students who specialize in housekeeping department about the equipment handling on 6th February 2019.

The session was conducted by Mr. Shaleen Vaikunthe Territory Manager for Diversey who explained the working of the machinery as well as the different aspects of cleaning. Diversey being a major player who supplies the equipments for commercial use to most of the industries across the globe. It is the company which also supplies chemicals to all most all the renowned hotels in Mumbai.

The students underwent a through session on the usage and application of chemicals on the various surfaces that are commonly found in the hotel industry. The students were also given a detailed knowledge on the study of various surfaces its composition care and maintenance. The session also included practical demonstration on use of machinery for cleaning the surfaces and the students also got an opportunity to try their hands on them.


It was an interactive session in which the students asked a lot of questions on maintenance of various surfaces which would help them in future endeavours. The session would also help them utilize the knowledge for their on the job training in the hotels.