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Welcome to School of Management (DYPUSM)

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Management has been established with an aim to provide quality management education fulfilling the needs of the corporate world. The learning ambiance at DYPUSM provides ample opportunity to our students for enhancing managerial skills and to develop one’s personality for a challenging future. Student managed committee, new initiatives and social development/ voluntary programs are some of the diverse activities that students are engaged in at the department. This provides students with a wider perspective on the concepts taught in the classroom. A unique feature of this program is the interplay between classroom activities, fieldwork and corporate interactions. The degree of rigorof this interplay coupled with a strong em phasis on quantitative tools in creases gradually with each semester as the student moves from the foundation areas to specialized ar eas of management. Schools have been a vital building block of our society. Be it kindergarten or an in stitution of higher learn ing, the common thread that is wo ven to form a fabric that can make our country proud is the Academia-Industry Society linkage. Inallour activities as a business school, the DYPUSM will always endeavor to link with the industry and shoulder social responsibilities. continue reading...