A Study for Industrial Disputes Act with reference to Conflict Management

On 9th August, 2016, Asian Exporters’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry hosted a Workshop entitled “A Study for Industrial disputes Act with reference to Conflict Management” at D.Y. Patil School of Management, CBD Belapur. The workshop was a part of the Weekly Workshop Program presented by AECCI. The speaker for the day was Mr.B.D.Dhongade, Legal Advisor Africa Region for AECCI.
Mr.B.D.Dhondgade briefed us with various industries, their management and dispute in their industries. Tactics and solution of management to solve it out and manage effectively. He discussed conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict. Covering topics like What is Industry?,Who is a Conciliation Officer and what are his/her roles?. Labour Court and the matters covered under Labour Court, Award, Lay-off, Retrenchment, Lock-out, Authorities of the Act responsible for settlement and adjudication of disputes, Negative Aspects that do not come under this act such as Unreasonable Hold, Wrongful dismissal of an employee and Illegal Strikes
He also shed light about the issues and conflict of the management in the companies where he has worked. He enlightened us with the various field for the student about their working and career. Mr.B.D.Dhondgade has explain the student the reason and result of management conflict. Various examples of industrial dispute and how to avoid and handle it in upcoming future. Mr.B.D.Dhondgade made work shop interacting with students by giving various examples.
He also explained how management skills of the manager exceled conflict when he demonstrated his ability to diffuse a hostile situation at work. The department used to get bogged down in disputes and arguments over how the accounts should be handled but after going to conflict management training everyone learned better methods of communication and problem solving to more easily resolve these issues.

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