About School

DY Patil University’s School of Management has been established with an aim to provide quality management education fulfilling the needs of the corporate world. The learning ambiance at DYPUSM provides ample opportunity to our students for enhancing managerial skills and to develop one’s personality for a challenging future. Student managed committee, new initiatives and social development/ voluntary programs are some of the diverse activities that students are engaged in at the department. This provides students with a wider perspective on the concepts taught in the classroom. A unique feature of this program is the interplay between classroom activities, fieldwork and corporate interactions. The degree of rigorof this interplay coupled with a strong em phasis on quantitative tools in creases gradually with each semester as the student moves from the foundation areas to specialized ar eas of management. Schools have been a vital building block of our society. Be it kindergarten or an in stitution of higher learn ing, the common thread that is wo ven to form a fabric that can make our country proud is the Academia-Industry Society linkage. Inallour activities as a business school, the DYPUSM will always endeavor to link with the industry and shoulder social responsibilities.

 The Placement Committee

Placement is imperative for the fraternity of the students for their career aspirations and various ambits of their specializations. The Placement committee provides assistance to the students and the sheer onus of getting students recruited by the industry lies on this committee. The committee is also successful in showcasing the best talents of DYPUSM to the industry. Painstaking work and striving hard is the key to various avenues in the industry for the students. The committee is assisted by the placement coordinator who helps to gain a foothold in the corporate world.

The Guest Lecture Committee

At DYPUSM, we make sure the students have a chance to go head to head with the industry professionals. They are encouraged to ask questions, participate in debates and also make their opinions heard through the Guest Lectures that are arranged. One of the most celebrated committees at DYPUSM, this committee has been successful in arranging more than 40 guest lectures every year. The Guest Lecturers are among the senior-middle level and top Management in the corporates. The Guest Lectures profit the students more than any classroom lecture would in terms of the exposure and experience that they bring to the table.

Research & Development Cell

DYPUSM is actively involved with research in terms of projects and collaborations amongst the students and the faculty. The Faculty members are involved with various research projects and have several published Research papers and books under their belts. Five research projects have been given financial grants and many more are in pipeline.

Live Projects

Learning is not only about classrooms but it’s about doing things practically. We provide live industrial projects through organizations like Frost & Sullivan Vasan Eye Care, Apollo Hospitals, Tata AIG, Cinque solutions, Paloji Technologies, Birla Sunlife, etc. to enable our students to face real-life problems and thus the students get the best On-The-Job Training possible.

Conferences & Seminars

Conferences are conducted every year with the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest Industry issues and fostering a protective networking environment for students and industry. The aim is to provide a platform for students, Academicians and Industry Professionals from all over the country to participate and interact on current emerging trends in all the sectors across the globe. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experience face to face and discuss a wide spectrum of recent trends and research and development in emerging markets while keeping in mind the industry objectives. It offers an opportunity to learn and engage with the leaders of the marketing community who are involved in building brands.


The predominance of Knowledge/ intellectual capital in wealth creation, from countries to individuals in a global economy has assumed predominance in the past few years. As we write this it would not be surprising if a nation’s wealth/ productivity indicators are linked to its intellectual capital rather than its GDP. Hence documentation and management of the Intellectual Property Rights should be given more emphasis.
The Workshop creates and facilitates a stimulating environment for the development and exchange of ideas in the management of IPR with special emphasis on the emerging economic problem within a dynamic global environment. The workshop aims at linking the creation and protection of knowledge capital to improvement in the quality of life in the Indian context. The theme chosen focus on broad areas of intended to cover the whole spectrum of issues related to knowledge capital in diverse areas.


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