Academic and Administrative audit 2017

The academic and administrative audit  was conducted on 12th april 2017.

The audit was conducted by two eminent persons viz.

1. Dr. N. Kondap, Former VC, NMIMS, Former Chiarman AICTE (WR) and Director General, Rajasthan samelan Educational Trust.

2. Dr. D. Y. Patil, Director,Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai.

Both the members after seeing the records and the discussions with the faculty were unanimous when they said that

1. DYPUSM COULD BECOME AN INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE in a max of one to two years  time as DYPUSM has many things in place.

2. Since DYPUSM  has completed more than 5 years, it would be better to go in for NBA accreditation. NBA accreditation is for the program.

3. Some of the summer projects could be converted into a proper research and published.

On behalf of DYPUSM staff both teaching and non teaching, I sincerely thank the management for all the support and guidance

1. tour of campus 2 view of activities 3. Appreciating the semnar room 4. At the entrance of the faculty room 5. In the library 6. Faculty answering questions 7. formally  presenting the academic report 8. RG presenting the DYPUSM organization chart 9 RG answering questions 10. Receiving the final report