Case study on the Turnaround of Akbarallys

A case study discussion on the TURNAROUND OF AKBARALLYS– one of the leading retail malls of the yester years was held on 30th September 2016​ at the virtual class room, in Nerul Campus.​
The Khorakiewalas, who also own Monginies, Wockhardt, Biostadt etc were also present for the discussions and shared their perspectives of the case and the learning for the family itself.
The whole case study was UNIQUE and INTERESTING, wherein the owners of the Akbarallys also shared the reasons why the retail ​store failed and also what strategies they are thinking of implementing in order to turn the retail store again.


7 a section of the students 8 case in progress 10 case in progress 11 khorakiwalal sharing his thoughts 12 aiman sharing share thoughts 13 good learning