DYPUSM Carries out Blood Donation Camp as part of its ISR Activity

On 30th September 2015, DYPUSM in association with the DYP Hospital conducted a blood donation camp. The camp began at around 9.30 a.m. and lasted till around 3.00 p.m. The camp was held at the DYPUSM campus. Prof. Dr. R.Gopal led the blood donation camp by being the first to donate blood. A large number of students both from the Undergraduate program (BBA students above 18 were only permitted to give blood), MBA both the first and second year students participated.  A large number of students enthusiastically volunteered to give blood but many of these students had to go back without donating as they were diagnosed to be anemic and most of these students were girl students. Said Dr. R. Gopal “It is a pity that though DYPUSM is gender positive with almost more than 45% girl students, these girls were not able to donate blood”. In spite of this, around 81 bottles were collected and donated. Personally speaking Dr. Gopal said that he has been donating blood regularly for the last 15 years.
A strategy meeting was called immediately after the camp and it was decided to conduct a series of “Well Being” seminars exclusively for the girl students. The process of shortlisting doctors, dieticians etc. for this purpose will be started in a few days. Prof. Dr. R. Gopal lamented that this problem is primarily because many girl students in their quest to look young and beautiful have developed this habit of eating ‘junk food’ and avoiding good nutritious food. Many of these students have gone overboard with over exercising and eating junk food he said.
Ms. Prachi Nair, Head of the Blood Donation Camp said that DYPUSM was one of her major donors of blood. She said “students of DYPUSM have been donating blood almost every 6 months for the last so many years. They have made it a habit of donating blood. On an average DYPUSM has always given around 80 to 100 bottles”
Ms. Prachi Nair, mentioned that today the number of patients in the wards, causalities in the DYP hospital have increased manifold and there is an acute shortage of blood. Mr. Neel Choubal expressed awe at the number of students who have volunteered to donate blood so enthusiastically. He said “We had to reject many undergraduate students almost 90% of these students as they were below the age of 18 and for many this was a first time experience, the first blood donation camp they were participating”. Ms. Jyoti Marathe expressed satisfaction and said that it is time there should be a depository of donors with different blood groups. The ISR team would be collecting a detailed list of probable donors and their blood groups. This would help in quickly getting donors when in need.
At the ground level, the camp was organized by the students led by Mr. Ashish Thomas, Student Cultural Secretary.
Finally, Prof. Dr. R. Gopal and the ISR team and all others thanked the staff of DYP Hospital, the administrative staff and all others for making this camp a grand success.

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