DYPUSM Conducts Practice Aptitude Test for the MBA Students to Enhance Placement Success.

Placement committee had conducted an Online Aptitude test for both MBA Final/First year students on 3rd December 2018.The objective behind taking an aptitude practice was to improve the quality of student’s skills and knowledge for organisational hiring.

aptitude photos

Tests are often much more efficient than interviews for determining if a person has the potential to do a job well. In addition, when designed properly, aptitude tests can fairly and objectively compare and contrast the potential of different candidates. The use of aptitude and knowledge tests to screen potential job applicants has long been standard practice across many different sectors.  As such, they have become an important and integral part of the overall interview process.

Currently most of the organizations insist on an aptitude test as a tool for pre selection. The aptitude test included topics like a) Logical reasoning b) Verbal Ability c) Quantitative Ability d) Computer Awareness e) General Knowledge.


The test involved solving 30 questions in 45 mins.Around 95% of the students attended this test.

Several students found this test useful and said that more such tests should be conducted as these tests enhance the chance of getting a good placement.

Considering the desire of the students to have more such tests it has been decided that the next test would be conducted in January 2nd week.

Additionally the placement team also conducted a series of workshops on “aspects to be considered in a group discussion”. How to be successful in a personal interview etc.