Impact of Covid-19 on the Education Sector

The last few weeks I have been inundated by calls from a large number of faculties and students asking me whether the education sector would be impacted by Covid 19 and if yes what could be the probable changes.
In this connection I have had discussions with my colleagues in India and in the countries like the USA and UK and the results have of these discussions are given below:
1. There would be a big jump in the need for skill based education.
2. Online, simulation based, management game based education, linking theory to practice and vice versa would take a big priority.
3.The demand for On line education will increase caused also by the desire from industry personnel
4. Fly by night online education providers will increase dramatically atleast in the short run.
5. Clamour for online examinations will rise. Initially this will be around 30% and gradually stabilizing to 50% of the total examinations held.
6. The statutory bodies will be forced to relax on the infrastructure needs like no of classrooms, library books, faculties etc. Infact qualifications of faculties will be replaced by industry experience.
7. Large number of industry personnel especially middle and junior senior personnel will now be available to teach at the institutes at least till 2023 and 2024.
8. Syllabus, course content will get revised and new programs like crisis management, disaster management,health attack managements (today it is carona virus tomorrow it could be something else) etc. will be developed and offered as electives.
9. Faculties will need to keep themselves abreast of newer knowledge, newer methods of teaching, industry trends etc. Perhaps faculties will have to prepare videos, you tubes , put greater emphasis on learning management systems etc.
10. In the short run placements / joining dates for fresh students would be delayed and consequently students would have to develop competitive skills to get placements. This situation will be relaxed from say 2023 / 2024 when the effects of Make in India, Make America Great, Shift of industries from China etc. will materialize.
11.Innovations, R&D will get a big impetus. Health, Biotech, Pharma will see an increase in admissions.
12. In the short run the classes will begin from say mid August instead of mid July 2020.
To sum up there is a new ‘normal’ in the education sector post covid 19 and it is RISE TO THe NEW NORMAL OR PERISH.
Dr. Gopal is the Director of the DYPatil School of Management