Importance of Intellectual Property Rightsin Today’s World

Asian Exporter’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry(AECCI) has presented a Weekly workshop Program (Schedule-2) for D.Y. Patil School of Management, Navi-Mumbai on the Topic i.e., “Importance of Intellectual Property Rightsin Today’s World”, on Monday, 22nd August2016, at theD.Y. Patil University School of Management.The Guest Lecture was presented by Dr. Siddhartha Priya Ashok [,M.A., LL.B. ,LL.M,DTL & Ph.D. (Law), legal-Advisor (Europe Region)]for AECCI.Dr. Siddhartha had covered the most important topic on Intellectual Property Rights.
Types of Intellectual Property Rights:-
Copyright & Related Rights
Lay-out(Topographies)of Integrated Services
Geographical Indications
Protection of Undisclosed Information
Industrial Designs
Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licences


Geographical Indications: are anIndications which identify a good as originating in the territory of a Member,or a region or locality in that territory.
Industrial Designs: Designs are the features of shape,configuration,pattern,ornament orcompositionof lines or colours applied to an article.
Trademark: A Trademark is a mark related with the Origin of Trade of goods & Services.It can be any word or numerals or combination of both like Bata shoes, A-1 cycle etc.It guarantees its quality .It is of three types namely; Trademark,Certification Trade Mark & Collective Trade Mark.
Copyright: It is a right given by the law to Creators of Literary dramatic,musical & artistic works & producers of cinematograph films & sound Recordings.It ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations,thereby protecting & rewarding creativity.
Patents:It is a right granted by the Government Authority on the owner of an invention conferring a right.Patents are of three types i.e., Ordinary Patent, Patents of Addition & Convention
We loved the session and are looking forward for such sessions to update our knowledge.

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