Life After COVID 19

Covid 19 attack on the world will be a game changer of sorts. Life would different. The old rules of the games of life / business will change.
Some of these changes could be:

1. Productivity would increase – resulting in a lower level of employment. Retrenchment, VRS would increase.
2. Work from Home will increase. Consequently demand for and investment in commercial property would decrease.
3. Use of IT will increase tremendously and there will be more emphasis in areas like digital Marketing, Online Education etc.
4. Online Education will see a sharp increase with a large number of “Fly by Night” providers.
5. There will be a greater push in the usage of disruptive technologies like AI, Robotics etc.
6. Areas like Pharma, Biocom, Health Infrastructure projects like Roadways, Irrigation projects and Education projects will see a tremendous increase in investment
7. R&D activities in Pharma, Biocon etc will see a tremendous push. Development of New drugs in areas of gastroenteritis, respiratory systems etc. will get a tremendous push.
8.Banking services will see an increase. More digitalization, more automation, mobile banking will see a tremendous rise.
9. Investment in Automobile will increase especially using Clean Fuel.
10.Medical Health Insurance will take a priority and will increase. Telemedicine will play a major role especially in connecting rural India with the urban hospitals.
11. Core Manufacturing / New Investments will see an increase especially in end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. India could be the first choice for foreign investors especially in the areas of heavy manufacturing and export oriented. India could develop itself as an export hub.
12.Credit availability from banks especially for MSME sector could be difficult in the short run but big businesses will see a rise in credit availability. Chances of NPA of banks could see an increase.
13.Social Media activities will increase. Facebook, LinkedIn etc. will not be considered as a waste of time.
14. Swatch Bharat activities will get a boost. Hygiene Machines will be produced / imported in the short run. Manpower usage especially in urban areas for swatch Bharat activities could see a slight dip or remain static.
15.Internet penetrion in the rural areas will get a tremendous push.
16.Share prices will see a big rise in 2022.