Message by Dr. R Gopal

Message by Dr. R Gopal ,
Director DY Patil Deemed to be University.
School of Management.
On 29th April 2020.

 Dear All

 Good day to all of you.

I am writing this note to enquire about your health during these extreme difficult times.

My prayers to the good lord is to grant you a good health, wealth and prosperity.

The current period of lockdown has resulted in several stresses and strains in many of us.

Some of us have suffered loss of jobs, some loss of pay, some of us who are accustomed to constantly work are suddenly seeing a vacuum. Some of the male members are suddenly not knowing what to do at home etc.

This period is an excellent period in my opinion.

Have had discussions with several people over the phone, the opinion has been that this period has

  1. Led to better understanding of my spouse.
  2. Given me a lot of quality time with family.
  3. Could fulfil my long standing wish of reading
  4. Could fulfil my wish of improving my health through yoga, exercises etc
  5. Now have time to write a few articles.
  6. Have time to write my autobiography
  7. Could clean the attic and there were surprises and surprises
  8. Could spend time saying prayers, learning meditation etc etc

I can only tell you guys we need to be active both mentally and physically

Life has changed. There is a new NORMAL.

A normal which is different which is challenging, which is going to be difficult.

Under these difficult timings it is necessary for us to do something useful, something which will help us both externally as well as internally.

Remember these challenging times will also disappear and just as we say a “thank God”, a new set of challenges will appear in the horizon.

It is how we take care of these challenges.

Remember guys

“In life, things happen around us, things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is what happens within us”

We need to be strong- both physically and mentally- no show off strength.

Let’s do our duty first, take care of our responsibilities both to our family and to our society at large and proceed with a smile.

God bless you all


Therefore, guys stay healthy stay at home and always keep smiling.

God bless