Second Parent Teacher’s Meet

The second Parent Teachers meet was held on the 12th of February 2016 at the conference room at DYPUSM. More than 150 parents attended this meeting which was excellently compered by Ms. Sonia Justin,
The parent teacher meet was called to discuss several issues related to the BBA students for e.g. issues related to Semester 1 examination results, submission of documentation, fee related, attendance parameters and criteria, road safety etc.
The meeting began with the lighting of the lamp and the invocation of Maa Saraswati.
Sub Inspector Suresh Thorat of the RTO, Navi Mumbai explained the importance of road safety and the causes of the various accidents that takes place with a vivid power point presentation. He mentioned that in the case of students it is mostly speed driving and driving without helmet. He was grateful to DYPUSM was organizing this road safety lecture. He said normally the RTO would request colleges to allow them to speak to the students but this is the first time that the college has asked them to speak to the parents on the road safety program. Prof. Dr. Gopal gave examples of a few cases which happened in the last few weeks and wherein some of the students had to be admitted with fractures and steel rods inserted. He requested the parents to take care and warn their children. He also mentioned that similar presentations were made to every BBA Class.
Prof. Dr. R. Gopal commented on the various feedbacks given by the parents in the last parent teacher meet held on 12th of Sept 2015 and the various actions that have been taken. He also gave a bird’s eye view of the days proceedings.
Ms. Sarika Punekar then explained the concept of the examination pattern. The breakup of 100 marks per subject into 50 marks for assignment and 50 marks of the end semester exam. She further mentioned the breakup of the 50 marks assignment into class participation and class attendance, group working etc. And also the basis of the 50 marks for the external exams. The minimum passing marks for the internal and external marks was also explained and finally the overall passing marks considering both.
The ATKT rules was also explained in a very transparent manner. A few parents had certain questions / clarifications in the marking system and the ATKT system which was patiently and in a very transparent manner explained to the parents by Prof. Dr. R. Gopal and his team.
The next issue which was discussed at length was the list of documents. Several parents had doubts regarding the need for such documents and also demanded some more time to submit these documents especially the passport and / or domicile certificate. Bowing down to the wishes of a few parents, Prof. D. R. Gopal agreed to extend the time till the end of this month.
Ms. Sarika P also took pains to explain the various co-curricular activities that are carried out for e.g. the guest lectures, conferences, the intercollegiate competitions the intra school competitions like the sports, the cultural activities etc. and also the forthcoming programs of the school.
The parents were then requested to visit the respective class rooms of their ward and discuss any specific issues that they had with the concerned faculties.
The parents also gave several suggestions. For e.g parents wanted sms to be sent on various issues to them, in addition to sending the same to their children. They also commented on the not so good infrastructure e.g. the IT Lab and the Air conditioning system. They have also suggested to the faculties that they should comment also on the areas of improvement of their children and finally a few parents requested that the lectures should begin at 9.00 a.m. instead of 8.45 a.m. The respective faculties assured them that these suggestions would be considered by the management.

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