Seminar on Investment Planning for retired people

2. lighting of the lamp3. Presenting a momento to Dr. Vani KamathD Y Patil University School of Management in association with MyRetiredLife (A NGO) and Securities and Exchange Board of India organised a seminar on Investment Planning.This seminar has been arranged specifically and tailor made for senior citizens on 23rd June 2018.  More than 40 senior citizens attended this seminar inspite of the heavy rains.

Prof. Dr. R. Gopal welcomed the Senior citizens of Navi Mumbai and also Dr. Sengupta, the founder of the NGO MyRetiredLife (MRL). Dr. Gopal also welcomed Dr. Vani Kamath – the SEBI trained Speaker and faculty and Dean at DYPUSM. Dr. Sengupta the convenor of MRL introduced the theme of the subject and the importance of this topic especially for the senior citizens. 

7. a section of the audience

8. Dr. Vani prsenting her viewsDr. Vani Kamath introduced the subject and the importance of retirement planning. She also explained the importance and the method of carrying out the financial planning. She also emphasized that every individual should know the level of risk that he / she would like to take, while explaining the concept of Risk Appetize. She also explained the various forms and the advantage and disadvantage of the various investments.

Dr. Sengupta mentioned that the seminar went off very well. The various concepts was well explained and such seminars were the need of the hour.

Ms. Lalitha R appreciated the seminar and such seminars are the need of the hour. The seminar was very useful to her and she would now explore the various options like growth funds etc. so that it would earn a higher return.

9. Dr. Ranjeev Manroe presenting the vote of thanks

Dr. Ranjeev Manroe, another participant said that equity investments are very important as it gives good returns in the long run. Every individual should have a mix of equity,mutual funds and debt funds.

5. Dr. Sengupta setting the tone of the seminar 6. Welcoming speaker Dr. Vani Kamath 10. A section of the audiene