Supply Chain and Logistics Students Visit Central Railway, Vikhroli on the 10th of October 2018

The MBA students of the DYPUSM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management visited the Central Railway (Assembling and Stock Management unit), located at Vikhroli on 10th of October 2018 with the objective of understanding the stock management process and methods used and the work culture at a public sector unit like  the Central Railway plant.



Mr. Suresh Kapre (Sr. Material Manager) explained the various assembling processes and the stock management methods that are used. He also discussed about the new initiatives that have been undertaken by the railways especially in the area of digitalization and the various challenges that the railways faced. Mr. Kapre also explained the process of selecting suppliers.


Overall the visit was a eye opener to the general working of a public sector unit and the challenges that many of these public sector units face.

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