Tremendous Amount of Challenges in Achieving US$5 Trillion Economy

On 21st September 2019, the D Y Patil University School of Management organized a massive conference with the theme “Issues and Challenges in achieving the US $ 5 Trillion Economy”. There were more than 550 participants in this all important and vexatious theme. The guests were the ‘Whos–Whos’ of the Indian Industry.

The guests were:

  1. Nayan Mehta, the CFO of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),

  2. Debashish Mallick, CMD of Exim Bank

  3. Anand Singh, Head of ECGC for Western India,

  4. Shankar Jadhav, MD of BSE,

  5. R.K. Jain, Chairman, Indian Merchant Chambers

  6. Krishna Gangopadhyay, the Head of Listing for India International Stock Exchange

  7. Sunil Zode, Chairman, ICCAA

  8. Urmila Jadhav Magistrate, Child Welfare Committee

  9. Ambassador Kezaala Mohammed Baswari Ambassador of Uganda who had specifically flown in for this conference

  10. Ghazi Altopy, Ambassador of Iraq

  11. Hemant Aggarwal, Consul General of Spain

  12. Cristina Tejada, Trade Officer Ecuador

  13. Bhushan Yengade, Trade Officer, BRIC and many more

Prof. Dr R. Gopal in his welcome speech outlined the importance of this formidable theme and said that there is a need to think BIG. From a level of US$2.9Trillion economy in 2018 to level of US$5 Trillion economy. This implies that there would be a doubling of investments in infrastructure, railways, agriculture etc. This doubling would imply doubling of the per capita income from a level of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000. However, there are several challenges especially in the nature of nationalism and global trade.The finance minister has announced several measures e.g. reduction in the corporate tax, merging of the banks etc. Prof. Dr. Gopal also announced that the D Y Patil Management has taken a decision to give away around 20 scholarships worth Rs. 30000. One of the students mentioned that this was an excellent gesture from the Management. Mr. Abhishek B student of DYPUSM said that this conference was an eye opener and there was lot of learning through this conference. Mr. Akshay another student mentioned that we should have more such conferences so that we can understand the implication of the various themes. Dr. Vani Kamath gave the vote of thanks.