A Motivational Talk : How to Achieve a Valuable Life

A motivational talk has been organized by Department of Allied Sciences, School of Medicine. The program started well in time at 11.30 am in 4Th floor lecture theater in school of Medicine building. Bk. Aparajita was the invited speaker. She delivered a wonderful lecture on “How to achieve a valuable life”. In this age, we are taking participation in a race, race for fast money, fast job or good  results in examinations. We don’t know what is the end point. Just we have to compete others at any cost and anyhow. This leads us to a meaning less life and a life without values.


The speaker introduced the importance of values in our life. In today’s era everyone wants success but they don’t want to work hard for it. The most valuable thing an experienced person has is their experience. People make mistakes, learn from them, and adapt their life around them to become better people. She spoke about the importance of values in life.

The speaker gave various examples of routine life experiences and how you can adhere to your values in all possible ways. The speaker said that living a valuable life is not a difficult task. First you have to identify the meaning of your life and the add values to your life. Happiness is a key of healthy life. Hence be happy and spread happiness. Happiness is free but it’s really very valuable tool in our life. At the end of the day, everything is inspirational. It’s just a matter of finding the message that we need to hear to change our lives. This program was an eye opener for faculty and students. The lecture was enjoyed by all and they appreciated this program and asked for such more programs.