Academic pursuits of Dr.Keya Rani Lahiri Jan-Dec 2015

Global probiotic meeting in Istanbul April 2015:

Dr K Lahiri (Prof and Head,Department of Paediatrics DY Patil University,School of Medicine) was invited by the global probiotic committee of the research wing Sanofi to deliver a guest lecture on Bacillus Clausii in acute childhood diarrhea and also present two clinical studies from the Dept of Paediatrics , DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai. There were speakers from Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, and France. All the speakers were renowned academicians from their respective countries. The delibrations were appreciated.
DrLahiri chaired the session of the International speaker programme, Prof Morelli (Dean of Microbiology , Italy) , The lecture highlighted the specific strains of Bacillus Clausii and its Genomic structure. The Question Answer session was very informative and interactive. (June 2015)
Dr Keya Lahiri was invited to participate at the advisory board meeting of probiotics in childhood in Rome(Italy) on 12th september 2015. DrLahiri was the only person to represent our institute Dr DY Patil school of medicine(India) amongst other global academicians from Italy,Spain,France,Venezuela,Mexico.The interaction was highly appreciated and we are looking forward to join global research ventures.
The European Respiratory Congress is one of the most prestigious respiratory conglomeration of 22000 delegates from all over the world.
Here in, a thematic poster was presented representing Dr DY Patil Hospital.
The presenter was Dr Keya Lahiri accompanied by co author FehmidaNajmuddin(Assistant Professor) and Dr Khushal Avasthi (Post Graduate).
The poster was on economic burden of allergic rhinitis and asthma in children and the judges discussed the aspects occurring in the Indian scenario.
The common wealth conference on pre and probiotics was held from 2nd to 4th October 2015.
DrLahiri presented a paper on benefits of Bacillus Clausii in childhood diarrhoea at CAPGAN New Delhi October 2015. The discussions were educative.

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