CAPOEIRA – A different outlook towards Martial Arts

Capoeira is a unique sport that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music of Afro-Brazilian origin. Capoeira developed in Brazil, it derived from traditions that were brought across the Atlantic Ocean by enslaved Africans and fuelled by their burning desire for freedom. It soon became widely practiced on plantations to break the bonds of slavery, both physically and mentally. During those times, this art was considered a social infirmity and was officially prohibited by the Brazilian Penal Code. However, that did not stop the Capoeiristas from practicing it. They moved to marginal places and camouflaged this martial art as a form of dance. We were honoured to have Professor Baba – the heart, mind and soul of The Centre for Capoeira in India along with his team, Aparna Massah, Joy Karkera, Karen D’costa, Noel Almeida and Deepa Tamang with us on 7th March 2020.


They introduced us to Capoeira which gave us a different outlook to martial arts.It combines cardiovascular and strength training, it builds muscle, flexibility, and endurance. It is the youngest, fastest and most versatile form of martial arts. Since music is integral to capoeira,it set the tempo and style of the game that is to be played. Various instruments like Berimbau, Pandeiro, Atabaque, Agogo and Reco-reco were used.Many of the songs were sung in a call and response format while others were in the form of a narrative.Such liveliness and enthusiasm were in the air, an unusual excitement and curiosity was seen among all the students of BSES. We learnt a new way to make physical activity enjoyable. Capoeira is not only a game buta way to connect to the history and culture of brazil. We suggest everyone give it a try!