Case Summary

20171117_123905Mrs. Nafisa Khan (name changed), a 29 year young woman, married since five and a half years, unable to conceive, came for a consultation for her childlessness. She also had complaints of heavy menstrual blood flow resulting in anemia, which required multiple blood transfusions

 On examination, she was found to be pale and hemoglobin was 7 gm/dl. USG revealed multiple fibroids and she was posted for open myomectomy operation on 17.11.17.

 Open myomectomy operation was done and we could remove more than 115 small, medium and large fibroids, preserving her uterus and fertility. We could achieve minimal blood loss due to use of Bonney’s Myomectomy clamp and intra-myometrial vasopressin injection (approx. blood loss was 300 cc). Patient stood the operation well and she is recovering well.

 Fibroids are well known lifestyle disease in the modern era. Diagnosis is simple with modern technology. The methodology of treatment may be variable, depending upon the site, number and size of the fibroids as well as the clinical experience of the attending doctors. For example, Ullipristal (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator- SERM), progesterones, high frequency ultrasound, embolization of feeding vessels and surgical removal are the modalities of treatment.

 For young couples, we feel it is advisable to have a timely marriage and family, if they so wish, because late marriages, less children are associated with fibroids.

 The operation was done by the team of doctors Professor Y.S. Nandanwar,  Dr. Rohan Palshetkar, Dr. Alka Dani, Dr. Nandan Purandare,  Dr. Surbhi Sharma, Dr. Biswanath Ghosh Dastidar, Dr Shalini Kesharwani and Dr. Dharam Shah and anesthesia team was lead by Dr. Sivshankar.