Central Research Laboratory (CRL)

About Central Research Laboratory

Central Research laboratory (CRL) is a central facility that provides centralized laboratory, analytical and technical infrastructure to support research fellows, faculty, post-graduates and students from different disciplines in their research activities.

The CRL is established on the first floor, Biochemistry department of DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Medicine, Nerul campus.

The CRL is a filly functional well equipped, user friendly facility spread over 1500 sq. feet area provides sufficient space and equipment for multidisciplinary research.

Administrative Control

Dr. Deepali Vidhate, Prof. of Biochemistry (In-charge)

Dr. Subhiman Saha, Prof. of Biochemistry

Dr. Abhay Chowdhary, Prof. of Microbiology

Dr. Prakash Roplekar, Prof. of Pathology

Dr. Deepak langade, Prof. of Pharmacology

Equipments in CRL

Analytical Balance

Urinometer Calibrated

Hot Air Ovens

Digital Colorimeter

Students Microscopes


Boiling Water Baths

Laboratory Reagent Refrigerators

Centrifuge Clinical For >12 Tubes

PH Meters of Wide Range Digital

Fixed Volume Pipettes – 1ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml 0.1ml & 0.02ml

Bottle Dispensers

Water Distillation Apparatus

Vortex Mixers


Variable & Fixed Volume Micro Auto Pipettes

Glass Ware Accessories

Digital Analytical Balance

Balance Micro


Balance Chemical

Centrifuge Machines

Chromatography Chamber


Flame Photometer

Compound Microscopes