CME: Blood the Elixir of Life

Blood Transfusion is one of the most common interventions done in the Emergency department across the globe. The evolution of blood transfusion dates back to 1628, when Dr. William Harvey first discovered blood circulation and first effective human blood transfusion was performed by Dr. Philip Syng Physick in 1798, more than a centuary  and a half later.
Blood is a scare resource around the world, which if not judiciously used, can be both detrimental to patient healthcare management and waste of such a limited resource. There is a wide gap between demand and supply of blood. India needs 8.5 -10 million units of blood annually, whereas the the supply is good short of more than 30% of total requirement. Current status of Blood Transfusion system (BTS)  in India is totally fragmented ,unstandardrized and inefficient. As a result, the system is poorly equipped to access blood and blood products, nor to guarantee their adequacy safety and quality. To add salt to the wound, we have failed to effectively develop standardized transfusion protocol be it in emergency or in elective setting. Hemorrhagic shock is the most common shock in polytauma patient which requires massive transfusion for effective trauma resuscitation usually more than 10 to 12 units of blood. Lack of development of blood transfusion guidelines can be frustrating at times and catastrophic to patient community, thereby increasing the incidence of mortality and morbidity. Accordingly emergency physicians, must be well versed with adverse transfusion reaction ranging from benign self-limited febrile reactions to life threatening anaphylactic shock.Much of the controversy surrounding transfusion practice paradime , centers on dispute on what constitute the proverbial perfect number . A well organized blood transfusion service along with transfusion protocols will assist the emergency physicians in a long way to save lifes, and then truly blood will be elixir of life!!!


Picture1Dr. Satish Dharap, MS (General Surgery) : Dr Satish dharap is the Professor of Surgery and incharge of the Truama Section of EMS in LTM Medical College and General hospital, , Sion , Mumbai. Dr. Dharap ATLS instructor and coordinator is managing of one of Asia’s best trauma institute .He will be sharing with us the very concept and application of Massive Transfusion Protocols (MTP) in emergency setting
Picture2Dr. Rajeev Nikte, Transfusion Medicine consultant, Global Hosptial , Parel which is one of the few 7 star hospital in the country. He will be enlightening us about the blood products and its components, indication and guidelines about the blood transfusion
Picture3Dr. Ashit  Hegde, MD , Critical Care Expert, PD. Hinduja hospital, Mahim , Mumbai. Sir , will be sharing his vast goldmine of +20 yr experience in managing the intensive care unit.  He will highlight about the adverse transfusion reaction and its management.
Picture4 Dr. Snigdha Mukharji, MD (pathology) is young dynamic Asst. Prof in our institute. She will demystify to us, especially the resident doctors of how to order blood and blood products in emergency and elective setting