CME Meet

The  academic shoulder meeting was  a grand success. Dr. Dhar Sir initiated the meeting by introducing the speakers and explaining the current situation.  The opening lecture was given by Dr Aashay kekatpure. He stressed the need to understand the pathology and accordingly proper patient selection. He demonstrated the required tests and the needed radiological evaluation for Rotator cuff tear patients.
Dr Dipit Sahu showed very interesting cases and discussed the nuances of shoulder surgery. With graphic demonstration of the cuff tear pathology and the repair techniques he imphasized the need of force couple.
He revealed the need for reverse shoulder in case of Irreparable cuff tears.
Dr Prasad Chaudhari elaborately described compelx trauma of the proximal humerus and his experience in dealing with type 4 proximal humerus fractures. The session was followed by keen debate and question and answer session. Resident of Mgm and DY presented interesting cases.
Dr Dhar Sir and Dr.Salgotra Sir gave their experience and insights about the emerging trend in shoulder surgery.
All in all it was a wonderful educational fest.


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