CME on Organ Donation and Transplantation

Organ transplantation has been turned out to be the greatest gift of modern medicine to mankind. Transplantation of Kidney, liver and heart is best modality of treatment for end stage disease of these organs. Apart from them many organs, tissues and cells can be used for the purpose of transplantation. With increasing success of transplantation, everyone wants to know about it. Further, its demand is also increasing and we are facing problem of shortage of these organs, tissues and cells. To overcome this problem; organ donation from brain dead individuals is the key solution. Unfortunately, there is lack of awareness about this in masses and medical experts therefore despite of many brain deaths happening organ donation rate is very low.
Overall, to create awareness about organ donation as well as transplantation is need of hour. D Y Patil Hospital has identified it as a thrust area. On 18th and 19th June, We are conducting first regional CME on organ donation and transplantation to sensitize faculty members from our institute, NMMC Run hospitals as well as clinicians working in Navi Mumbai region.  We are working in collaboration with Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation run hospital, IMA Navi Mumbai, ZTCC Mumbai and a NGO DOST Navi Mumbai for launching ‘GIFT A LIFE’ Organ donation movement in Navi Mumbai and nearby areas.
Eminent specialists are going to share their experience in different aspects of organ donation and transplantation. Maharashtra Medical Council has sanctioned three credit hours for those who participate in this CME as a delegate. We hope this CME will be useful to all clinicians as well as it will help to increase organ donations in Navi Mumbai region.