CME on World No Tobacco Day

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, D.Y. Patil University School of Medicine organised an Interdepartmental CME and Social awareness event to raise awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco on the human body.

 The event helped in raising awareness about the health hazards of Tobacco consumption in the hospital staff and general public. This was displayed through handmade posters by medical college students and interns.

 It is also conveyed through well enacted skits by allied health Sciences students and nursing students.

Venue: Dr. D Y Patil Hospital and Research Center, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Date: 31 st May 2018


Department of ENT

Sr. No.




Dr Bhavika Verma ,

Dept. of ENT

Introduction of  WHO’s initiative for World No Tobacco Day


Dr Shishir Shetty,

Dept of Oncosurgery

Cancer Today


Dr. Priyanka Jadhav

Dept of Medicine

Effects of Tobacco on cardiovascular system


Dr.Shahid Patel

Dept of Pulmed

Effects of Tobacco on the respiratory system


Dr. Neeta Shanbaugh

Dept of Ophthamology

Toxic Amblyopia


Dr. Gokul Venkatesh

D Y Patil School Dentistry

Effects of Tobacco on oral cavity


Dr. Rishi Rajpal

Dept of OBGY

Effects of Tobacco in pregnancy


Dr. Chetan Vispute

Dept of Psychiatry

Tobacco Deaddiction and rehabilitation


Dr Bhavika Verma from ENT Department introduced the problem statement of Tobacco use in the World and in India in particular and about the WHO initiative against Tobacco.

Oncosurgeon Dr Shishir Shetty gave an inspirational talk. He spoke about the carcinogenic potential of Tobacco and also of his personal battle against smoking and how he conquered it.

Dr Priyanka Jadhav from Medicine Department addressed about the ill effects of Tobacco on the heart and how tobacco increases risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Shahid Patel from pulmonary medicine explained the ill effects of Tobacco on the respiratory system including its causative role in lung cancer.

Dr Nita Shanbaugh HOD Ophthalmology department talk about the effects of  tobacco on eye.

Dr Gokul Venkatesh from Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dept and Dr Rishi Rajpal from Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dept. spoke about the ill effects of Tobacco on eyes, oral cavity and pregnancy respectively.

Lastly, Dr Chetan Vispute from Psychiatry Department covered the issue of Tobacco Deaddiction and Rehabilitation.

All present then took a pledge to spread the message about the ill effects of Tobacco and campaign against this social evil which has not only burdened the world economy through illness and loss of work but also destroyed lives of its helpless victims.