Colloquium – National Medical Conference

Colloquium logoWe at DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Medicine are proud to bring to you the National Medical Conference – Colloquium : where ideas meet opportunities.

This unique platform was introduced in April 2018 by Dr. Krittika Bhatia (Gender champion 2014-2018, Co-General Secretary – Student Council 2016-17, Student representative – DY Patil School of Medicine) under the guidance of supportive faculty members and authorities of this institution.

It is a platform where the students get to put forth their scientific minds through various events under the umbrella of this conference, interact with eminent doctors and guest speakers and also experience learning in the most experiencing ways.

Theme : “ Occam’s Razor – The law of parsimony ”

It is a problem solving principle that states ” Entities should not be multiplied without necessities “

The other way to put it across is that ” The simplest solution is most likely the right one ” or ” the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation “

This 3 day conference is filled with interactive sessions, debates, simulation workshops, guest lectures and much more. The entire team of organizing members come together with their creativity and make this event a successful one. It also helps each one of us to enhance our leadership and managerial skillsets as well as inculcate values of teamwork