D Y Patil Hospital ENT specialist helps patient to get back his normal breathing and voice after surgery for Laryngotracheal stenosis

ASDASF41 year old patient, with a road traffic accident 5 months back who was unable to breathe normally through the nose and had lost his voice due to Tracheal stenosis, is now able to breathe normally through his nose and also gets his voice back.

The surgery was performed by Senior ENT Professor Haritosh Velankar and his team from department of ENT with a precise airway backup from the Anaesthesia Department, in the D Y Patil hospital and research center at Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Five months back the patient had an road traffic accident in his native village, after which he was admitted in the local hospital ICU with Endotracheal Intubation for 2 weeks. Post extubation he developed tracheal stenosis, due to prolonged intubation. After which he came for treatment to D Y Patil hospital, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

When there is tracheal stenosis, patient has to be on Tracheostomy as he is unable to breathe normally from his nose and the patient also looses his voice due to stenosis.

Tracheal stenosis can also occur due to trauma to the windpipe. The reasons mainly being road traffic accident, strangulation, blunt trauma but commonest being post prolonged Intubation.



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