Its time for DY Patil School of Medicine’s annual cultural fest, Aura! This year, we invite you to live our fantasy with Dr. Theodore Dippy, the physician to the fictional, the man with the adorable red button nose and oversized glasses, and our beloved ambassador this year. We have everything you could’ve ever fantasized about this year, straight from the opportunity to join the ranks of the likes of Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory in our very own Muggle Quiddich tournament, right to becoming a demi god with Percy Jackson in our flagship event. Not only that, but we’ll have a plethora of literary and creative arts activities, a gaming arena, and even the opportunity to run from zombies or turn into a vampire in our informal events. This year, we’re even going to have a flea market with a wide range of different trinkets for you guys to go crazy with. Not to mention the timeless pre-aura days that happen the week before the fest.The jewel on top of our crown this year is our celebrity comedy event featuring East India Comedy, a wildly famous stand up comedy group in India that’s known to be the best of the best. And of course, a wild party in the end so that all the doctor’s in the making can let loose for a while, and shake off all their school stress with dance. We want to give our campus the belief that everyone can live their fantasies, no matter where they may lie, if they wish it hard enough, so as to inject new life, laughter and love into all our budding students, doctors, and staff.
Aura this year will be held on the 9th and 10th of March in  The DY Patil Sports Academy, and we’re making it bigger than its ever been! For more details, please contact Tiffany Dzouza