Is Feminism Required in Today’s Generation?

Feminism - might be deemed a controversial theme even-though at its core it’s insinuated to bring about transformation for the better. It’s been nearly a century since the first wave of feminism erupted, over time new waves have formed and a great deal of change has been observed in society. But over time has feminism lost its true significance? Or has the society still not established the dire necessity for a movement this persistent? Thus Student Council of Sports and Exercise Science organised a Debate on Saturday, 5 th October 2019 with the topic of the Debate being ‘Is Feminism Required in Today’s Generation?’

Ten enthusiastic students ,a crowd of excited audience and the presence of judges Dr. Deepali Vidhate; Professor Department of Biochemistry, Mr Dhiraj Sheety; visiting faculty at D.Y. Patil and founder of Candoit NGO and Dr. Niraj Panjwani; Professor Department of Physiology made this event an inspiring one to begin with. We were thrilled to see that so many people were excited about this topic. Out of the ten participants with their unique oratory skills, Four spoke FOR and six spoke AGAINST the motion.


The questions – ‘what is the difference between a human right activist and a feminist? ‘Is feminism synonymous with man-hating?’ and ‘Why would you call yourself a feminist if you haven’t been a part of the movement?’ were not only so engaging that the crowd began to retrospect themselves but the perspective of the contestants on these questions were strong and it gave the audience some clarity and a different perspective.Tension built as both teams had valuable and forthright answers. This debate made us realize that today’s feminist actions are more diverse than ever before. The concept of Feminism has evolved from it being synonymous to women rights or about hating men to a more conscious understanding of  a wider spectrum of experiences. Through this debate we hope we were able to bring light to some of the important aspects of Feminism and its practice in today’s world. The event ended with the judges announcing the winner and the best speaker Mr. Daniel Jiaprakash for being confident and voicing out some strong opinions on this topic. Overall, the debate was exhilarating, conversant and made us question our beliefs in the recent movement. The Student Council looks forward to more such events in order to help students gain confidence and improve their communication skills.

Debate 2