M.Ch. (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) – 3 years

Candidates seeking admission for 2019-20 kindly make sure below requirements are met.
1. Bank Guarantee a mandatory requirement
2. One year Bond compulsory

Overview Of The Program

This is a three year super speciality program. The surgeon undergoes advanced training in elective and emergency components of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He/she learns to use complex and advanced equipment in the Intensive Care Unit and Operation Theatre setting, in a responsible manner so as to improve the quality of patient care under expert guidance. The student is actively involved in super speciality patient care by assisting the consultant in the out patient department, operation theatre, wards and Intensive Care Unit setting. The candidate is involved in outreach activity organised by the department. This widens the scope of work and plants the seed of social commitment in the future super specialist.

Theory is taught in the form of ward rounds, case discussions, seminars, symposia and journal club activity. The student assists the consultant in postgraduate and undergraduate teaching. He/ she is expected to take up research projects and complete a thesis before completion of the course under the supervision of the guide.

Our state of art Simulation Laboratory is an invaluable aid in the teaching of practical skills. The clinical and practical experience gained by the candidate facilitates the development of excellent skills and a sound judgement in the practice of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Duration Of Course

3 years

Seat Structure


Fee Details

Rs 15,00,000/per year