Medical Premier League ” One Religion-Indian”

“Bharat humko Jaan se pyaara hai, Sabse nyaara Gulistaan humara hai…” We all have heard this song, but are we spreading love in our beloved Mother India or are we poisoning her veins with hatred and corruption..? Our country’s true identity is unity in diversity, but are we giving it appropriate respect..? Our brave soldiers risk their lives at the border so that we can sleep in peace.In return all they ask for is a promise that we will stay united as a Nation.

On Friday, 20th February 2015, the Medical Premier League highlighted this social message of One Religion: INDIAN. A dance drama was performed by the committee members and students of DY Patil School of Medicine to make the public socially aware about the pressing situation that our country faces today. The Committee’s message is to see our country free of violence, terrorism and all the other negativities that hinder the development of our Mother India.

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